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Shawn Andrews on timing his meds

Giants offensive lineman Shawn Andrews will face his

Giants offensive lineman Shawn Andrews will face his brother Stacy in Sunday's game against Jacksonville. (Sept. 19, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

Despite his bothersome back, Shawn Andrews will be starting for the Giants at left tackle Sunday in Washington, but even with all the rehabilitation work he does on a constant basis, he expects to require a little chemical help to get through the game.

"Oh, I'm going to get an injection," Andrews said after Friday's practice. "That's no question, yeah. The injection is definitely going to happen and then the heat pads on my back and a couple other little things we have going on that are going to aid in keeping me well."

When it comes to playing on medication -- an anti-inflammatory called "Toradol" is used by the Giants' tackle -- Andrews found out recently that proper timing is everything. "I think it was two weeks ago I got the shot right before I went out for kickoff, and it didn't kick in until I got home," Andrews said to laughter from reporters. "I'm serious. I'm sitting there on the couch, and it's feeling good. So, now I get in right when I get there [to the stadium] so it can kick in and kind of resonate throughout my body."

After two back surgeries, Andrews' body has taken a beating. He played only three games over the previous two seasons, but this comeback with the Giants has him hoping he can continue playing even if he has to follow a regimen that includes painkillers.

"My passion says yes. My body? Me and my body, we're talking it out right now," Andrews said of his future in the game. "We're seeing where we are. But right now, we have the Redskins, and that's what we're focusing on. We'll take my body home and chill out and make it to the New Year and just mellow out."

The thought this might be his last game is something Andrews doesn't want to entertain. "I think it's going to come down to when they say, 'Get your stuff and get out of here, man,'" Andrews said. That's the only way most players leave.

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