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Sheridan lands in Miami, Fewell about to land in New York

As we pointed out last week (along with most of the football-covering universe), deposed Giants defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan interviewed for a job on the Dolphins' staff as a linebackers coach. And while it was widely recognized that he would get the job, today it became official that he will bring his special brand of competence to South Florida.

The Dolphins also hired Mike Nolan as their defensive coordinator, so he was out of work for just a few hours after being dumped by the Broncos. I don't know if there would have been any interest in Nolan had he been available to the Giants when they hired Perry Fewell, but his name certainly would have been kicked around as a potential candidate. Hey, if Bob Sutton can be the reported "target" of the Giants' interest, we can certainly speculate that Nolan would have been reached out to.

As for Fewell, the guy the Giants ultimately decided would lead their defense, he's supposed to be arriving at the team's complex tomorrow for his first day of work. I'm sure he's already done some thinking and analysis, but tomorrow he's supposed to actually arrive at the building and literally sit in the defensive coordinator's chair.

Meanwhile, from what I'm hearing, there won't be the tremendous shake-up of the staff that was expected after John Mara's "status quo" speech following the final game of the season. In fact, it seems that the rest of the staff will remain in tact. The only open position right now is defensive line coach, someone to replace Mike Waufle. Maybe that will be the first phone call Perry Fewell makes from his new office.

Just remember to dial 9 first, Perry.

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