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Sid Rosenberg, WINS part ways

Sid Rosenberg's new autobiography, "You're Wrong and You're

Sid Rosenberg's new autobiography, "You're Wrong and You're Ugly," is worth a read for those interested in his life or the New York sports talk radio scene.

Every visit to Radio Row at the Super Bowl yields at least one interesting encounter or newsworthy nugget.

For example: After weeks of putting it off waiting for the Giants season to end, I finally got around to asking Sid Rosenberg what happened to his WINS update gig - in the flesh!

Rosenberg said he was not fired but that his one-year contract ran out several weeks and there was a mutual parting of ways.

Rosenberg said the station was concerned about having him do the updates on a remote basis from his home in South Florida, where he works full time as an afternoon drive time host, and Rosenberg no longer was happy with the logistical challenges presented by the early morning shift.

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