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Skipping ahead a bit in the actual newspaper

I know I said we'd cover the offensive linemen on the blog tomorrow, but in today's paper I wrote an article about the position and the changes that may or may not be coming there.

You can read it here.

I had a chance to speak with Shaun O'Hara and Kareem McKenzie about it when we were in the locker room last week. Both said they were not aware of any changes that are being planned ... although that doesn't mean they aren't coming. David Diehl spoke about the situation a few weeks earlier.

Jerry Reese has said at several points this offseason that he wants Will Beatty, a second-rounder from last year, to compete for a starting job this season.

O'Hara had a funny but honest line regarding the draft:

“As a veteran, I’ve always said it’s a great draft if they don’t draft anyone at your position," he said. "And if they do, how high does he go?”

There's also a note at the bottom of the story about our old friend Rolando McClain and his statement this weekend that doctors now believe he does not have Crohn's disease. Hmm. Well, he's got something. So was this a pre-draft stunt to soothe worrisome teams? Probably not. Crohn's disease may be difficult to play through, but at least it has a name and a treatment plan. Now McClain just has some undiagnosed intestinal problem that he's been dealing with for years. To me, if I'm a team, that's a lot scarier to deal with than Crohn's disease.

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