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Smith denies big offer from Giants

Steve Smith

Steve Smith Credit: Getty Images

I just blogged about Kevin Boss' eloquent farewell on Twitter (although you are, I suppose, within your rights to continue to follow him there). In other former Giants social media news, Steve Smith is taking to Facebook once again, this time to dispell a report that says he turned down a boffo contract offer from the Giants late last season before he was injured.

Here's what the Eagles' newest receiver said:

"For those of you saying the giants offered me a 5 yr $35 million contract w/$15 million guaranteed before i got hurt- thats news to me bc if that happened i would have signed it and done back flips on my way to practice !! ... thx again to those supporting me"

While the Giants were in the early stages of talks with Smith about locking him up before his injury, there was, I am told, no such offer. Smith wound up signing with the Eagles, turning down what Jerry Reese called a "responsible" offer for a one-year deal in Philly worth $4 million with $2 million guaranteed.

It is a one-year deal, remember, and money talks. If Smith does have a decent season for the Eagles, perhaps he could return to New York next year. Maybe then the Giants will offer him $15 million guaranteed. Then again, after the way the Giants were feeling this week, maybe not.

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