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Snee: plenty of fingers left for more Super Bowl rings

The Giants have been relatively quiet this off-season, especially when it comes to predicting more Super Bowl championships after they won their second title in the last five seasons.

But veteran guard Chris Snee sounds like he’s raring to go as his Giants attempt a Super Bowl repeat.

“You look at the history and the odds of winning back-to-back is against us,” Snee said yesterday at an event honoring him at a minor league baseball game in Binghamton, NY. “But, the goal is to win back-to-back. It might be a lofty goal, but that is what we expect. I have eight more fingers left on my hands for rings.”

Never one to lack confidence, Snee believes the Giants have every reason to feel confident about another successful season. Even if it’s the Jets who seem to create most of the headlines in New York.

“We win the Super Bowl and we take a back seat to a [Tim] Tebow press conference,” he said. “But that's the way we like it. Coach [Tom Coughlin] has said since I got here that talk is cheap, you have to play the game.”

Snee comes into the season as the veteran of an offensive line that overcame a handful of injuries to help the Giants to their fourth Super Bowl title in franchise history. He can’t believe how quickly the time has gone.

“I look around and I'm the old guy,” he said. “I was telling my wife that last week. It’s  defintely a little different for me. I was the young guy, coming in as a second-round pick [in 2004]. Now, I'm the grumpy old veteran sitting at my locker, waiting for a rookie to torment.”

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