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Stationary bikes empty at Giants practice

John Lennon on rooftop in New York City.

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John Lennon might have had to add a verse: "Imagine there's no Giants, riding on the bike."

Yes, the Giants are -- gasp! -- healthy. Or as healty as any team can reasonably expect to be at this point in the year. In fact the only guy not doing anything football-related during the portion of practice we were allowed to watch was Shawn Andrews, and even him being on the sideline pushing things and walking around in a uniform is progress for him.

So who was working? Well, Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks were both running routes and catching passes. Tom Coughlin said they would both have some limitations, but while we were out there they seemed to be doing everything they used to do.

David Diehl and Shaun O'Hara were working with the offensive linemen. Coughlin said the plan for Diehl was to have him not be limited at all, and we'll find out how that went a little later. Couoghlin was less optimistic about O'Hara. It seems as if Rich Seubert will probably stay at center for at least another week.

Even Will Blackmon was practicing with the special teams groups after missing two weeks of work due to a hit he suffered against the Eagles. And Osi Umenyiora, who had been sitting out on Wednesdays, was working. He'll likely be limited, but he wasn't riding the bike so clearly he's feeling better than he was earlier in the season.

About the only guy who isn't practicing today who will have an effect on the Giants this weekend is Brett Favre. Coach Leslie Frazier said that Favre is "still pretty sore from the game," and that he won't work today. "We'll have a better gauge after tomorrow's practice, and we'll go from there," Frazier said. "It's a comination of how he feels along with what our medical staff says will help make that decision with of course what we see at practice as well."

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