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Good Evening

Steve Smith odds and ends

Steve Smith spoke at a House Foods Tofu event in New Jersey tonight. He talked injury, possibly re-signing with the Giants and Plaxico Burress. You can find the story here.

Couple notes that didn’t make it into the final version:

(1) There was a Q&A with Smith before dinner was served. It was very informal with Smith sitting down and people at surrounding tables just shouting questions out. The first one, of course, was whether there would be football this year. “Of course there is,” he said. “We don’t know when, but I’m hoping soon.”

(2) Smith is a free agent, and though he can’t yet re-sign with the Giants yet he gave several indicators that’s how things would play out. For one, he told Newsday he’s hoping to come back to New York. Before dinner someone prematurely congratulated him on signing. He smiled and replied: “It’s not official yet.” Then someone asked how the Giants would do this season and if they would win a Super Bowl. Smith said, “Hopefully. That’s what you aim for every year. Looks good for us I think.” Note the “looks good for US.”

(3) Someone asked if he was a Lakers fan. Smith said no. “I like the heat, but LeBron disappointed me. I’m hurt.”

(4) He keeps his Super Bowl ring “locked up in my mom’s house.”

(5) If you find it odd that a football player is endorsing Tofu, you’re not alone. It was mentioned a few times tonight. Apparently he first started eating it while training for the draft and found it a healthier alternative to what his meals had been. When his agent asked what kind of products he liked and would like to endorse years later, Smith suggested Tofu.

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