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Weatherford's already got a ring

Steve Weatherford, right, wears his wedding ring, seen

Steve Weatherford, right, wears his wedding ring, seen here on his left hand, during games. (undated file photo) Photo Credit: Getty Images

The zoomed-in replays of Lawrence Tynes' game-winning kick last Sunday revealed something unusual about Steve Weatherford, the guy responsible for holding the football on Giants field goals.

He wears his wedding ring during games.

Weatherford, also the Giants' punter, said Thursday he's received "plenty" of emails and text messages in the days since his ring made a surprising cameo at the end of the NFC Championship Game.

He said he has gotten so used to wearing his ring all the time in the six years since he got married to his wife, Laura, that it feels peculiar when he doesn't have it on. So it almost always stays on, even during games.

"It's a comfortability thing for me," Weatherford said. "And besides, mine's pretty tight. I don't know if it's because it's just really tight or if I have swollen knuckles, but mine never comes close to coming off."

Weatherford said he's heard of only a handful of players in the NFL who wear a wedding ring on the field. Most of them are kickers or punters who don't typically engage in physical play.

There is no rule against wearing a wedding ring. A league spokesman said Thursday that league policy bars players only from wearing "metal or other hard objects that project from a player's person or uniform."

The first time Tynes kicked a field goal in practice with Weatherford holding, he noticed the band on his ring finger and initially thought a piece of dark tape was there to symbolize his marriage. But then Tynes looked again and realized it was the real thing.

"You wear that all the time?" Tynes asked in disbelief.

Tynes found it interesting, and has gotten used to it. He said he's so focused on the spot where he's supposed to kick that he notices the ring, as it now is part of the pattern of events. "But it's not a distraction,'' he said, and the duo again proved that with last week's overtime kick that sent the Giants to Super Bowl XLVI.

Weatherford made a nice play to get the ball positioned after fielding a low snap from Zak DeOssie, and he has been hearing about his wedding ring's cameo ever since. "I understand exactly why people are talking about it," he said.

"That particular play was shown thousands of times the last couple of days. But you know, maybe I wouldn't have got the hold down if I didn't have my ring on because I wouldn't have felt comfortable, know what I mean?"

Added Tynes, "His wife should be so proud."

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