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Stevie Brown adjusts to changes in expectations as well as a new wingman

Giants safety Stevie Brown practices during team training

Giants safety Stevie Brown practices during team training camp at Quest Diagnostics Training Center. (Aug. 7, 2013) Credit: James Escher

Stevie Brown came out to talk to reporters before practice Friday, which is just one of the differences between last year’s training camp and this one for the Giants safety.

“I didn’t have to do interviews with this many cameras and stuff last year,” he said. “I just got to eat lunch and go back.”

Ah, the good old days of obscurity. Of course having eight interceptions in a season and landing a $2.02 million salary as a restricted free agent changes a lot of that. And with the newfound responsibilities comes a change in the way he is perceived not only by the media but inside the walls of the Giants’ facility as well.

“It’s definitely a little bit different,” Brown said. “Coaches talk to you in a different way, players talk to you in a different way. It’s not about ‘Keep it going, keep your head focused, see if you can try to make this team.’ Now it’s like: ‘We’re going to need things from you this year, we expect things from you this year’ and everything like that.”

That’s particularly true with Antrel Rolle on the sideline with a sprained ankle. While it’s expected that he’ll return at some point in this preseason, for now Brown is the director of the secondary. A year ago he was hunting for reps and now he’s the one calling the shots.

It helps that he’s playing alongside Ryan Mundy. The two shared a season at Michigan when Mundy was a senior and Brown was a freshman.

“We’ve remained friends since then, so it’s just transferring over onto the field now,” Brown said. “We’ve know each other for like seven years now, so it’s just now we’re talking football language instead of just talking.

“Mundy, he’s a great professional, so it’s still really easy to work with Mundy,” Brown added. “He doesn’t know every single thing, but he still has a very good grasp of the playbook, so there’s not much of a dropoff in communicating to him. It’s been alright.”

As for having Rolle not on the field, Brown called it “crazy” and said that it is driving Rolle nuts not participating.

“He hates it,” Brown said. “He’s just like, ‘I want to play.’ That’s how he always is, ‘I want to play, I want to practice.’ He wants to do everything. I’m just like: ‘Dude, it’s preseason, relax.’”

Spoken like an experienced veteran.

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