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Super Bowl ticket prices down

The face value of Super Bowl tickets run

The face value of Super Bowl tickets run from $800- $1,200. Actual price paid by most attendees will be much higher.
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I asked our friends at for an update on Super Bowl asking prices. Here's what they sent:

The average ticket price for this year's Super Bowl is $3,420.08. The current get-in price is $1,892.

The most expensive ticket currently available is located in Sec 114 Row 5 for $10,589. Also there is currently a Suite available for $445,000.

The average price for this year's games has dropped 6.6% since Thursday ($3,664.12).

Below is a comparison of this year's Super Bowl ticket prices, compared to the previous two years:

This year's Super Bowl is 46.83% above the average ticket price for Super XLIV (2010) ($2,329.26) between the Saints and Colts in Miami.

This year's Super Bowl is 37.22% above the get in price for Super Bowl XLIV ($1,378.85).

This year's Super Bowl is 6.3% below the average ticket price for Super XLV (2011) ($3,649.91) between the Packers and Steelers in Dallas.

This year's Super Bowl is 16.28% below the get in price for Super Bowl XLV ($2,260).

Here is a breakdown of average price and get in price for the Super Bowl over various points in January:

1/6-Avg price-$3,974.21/Get in-$1,700
1/13-Avg price-$3,894.27/Get in-$2,550
1/14-Avg price-$3,980.98/Get in-$2,134
1/15-Avg price-$3,957.60/Get in-$2,134
1/16-Avg price-$3,907.83/Get in-$2,529
1/17-Avg price-$4,090.01/Get in-$2,529
1/19-Avg price-$4,062.75/Get in-$2,183
1/20-Avg price-$3,870.43/Get in-$2,183
1/21-Avg price-$3,678.12/Get in-$2,037
1/22-Avg price-$3,646.04/Get in-$1,995
1/23-Avg price-$4,010.20/Get in-$2,175
1/24-Avg price-$4,027.04/Get in-$2,250
1/25-Avg price-$4,001.02/Get in-$2,275
1/26-Avg price-$4,248.67/Get in-$2,281
1/27-Avg price-$4,310.67/Get in-$2,400
1/28-Avg price-$4,141.67/Get in-$2,370
1/29-Avg price-$4,039.90/Get in-$2,118
1/30-Avg price-$3,981.71/Get in-$2,090
1/31-Avg price-$3,860.48/Get in-$2,000
2/1-Avg price-$3,788.90/Get in-$2,183
2/2-Avg price-$3,664.12/Get in-$2,000
2/3-Avg price-$3,420.08/Get in-$1,892


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