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Teammates say Osi looks "as fast as ever"

Week 5: Tavaris Jackson/Charlie Whitehurst 15 of 22,

Week 5: Tavaris Jackson/Charlie Whitehurst
15 of 22, 166 yards, 1 touchdown/10 of 18, 146 yards, 1 touchdown
Giants defense:
6 sacks, 1 interception, 2 forced fumbles
Result: Seahawks 36, Giants 25 Credit: Getty Images

Osi Umenyiora returned to practice for the first time in a month, which was a surprise even to some of his teammates.

“It’s kind of like Bigfoot,” Dave Tollefson said of Umenyiora’s return. “You hear about it, but …”

Right. Until you see it, you don’t believe it. Well, the Giants say it today. How did Umenyiora look to them?

“As fast as ever,” Mathias Kiwanuka said.

Coming back from an injury and making an immediate impact is nothing new for Umenyiora. When he came back from knee surgery in Week 4 he had two sacks in the first two games.

“He always does that,” Kiwanuka said. “He’s battled a lot of injuries but when he comes back he’s always ready to go at full speed. We always say we want him back as fast as possible but he’s a smart guy and when he gets back he’s usually ready to go. That’s tough. That’s something you don’t learn until you get a little older in this league.”

“When has he not looked good?” Tollefson asked. “It’s like riding a bike. When you play at such a high level as he has the last seven or eight years, it doesn’t take much to get back into it.”

Unfortunately Umenyiora has some experience at it, both coming back from injuries and literally riding a bike (the stationary kind at practice). This time, though, he’s returning to a line that already has Justin Tuck rounding into form (finally) and Jason Pierre-Paul playing at a Pro Bowl level. So where will Umenyiora fit in?

“He’s a pretty good defensive end so he’ll probably start (there),” Tollefson said. “Anywhere. We need everybody.”

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