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Terrell Thomas: 'No doubt, we're going to win this game'

Antrel Rolle (26) celebrates with teammates Will Hill

Antrel Rolle (26) celebrates with teammates Will Hill (25) and Terrell Thomas (24) after intercepting a pass during the first half of a game against the Philadelphia Eagles. (Oct. 27, 2013) Credit: AP

Antrel Rolle didn’t go there. The safety said that he is not allowing himself to even imagine a loss to the Cowboys on Sunday, but he never said the words.

Jason Pierre-Paul didn’t go there either, although he came close. “I was almost going to say we’re going to win it,” he said earlier this week. “You never know.”

Today, Terrell Thomas spoke the phrase that ripples through rivalries like none other. He didn’t just predict effort, didn’t predict intensity, he didn’t even merely predict blood. He predicted a victory.

“No doubt,” the cornerback said on SiriusXM NFL Radio today. “We’re going to win this game.”

Thomas went on to say that he doesn’t care who knows, either.

“You can tell them, put it on the bulletin board, it doesn’t matter,” he said, “because we have to win this game.”

They do. After starting 0-6, the Giants can still plot a course to the division title of the playoffs without winning all six remaining games on their schedule. But not winning on Sunday would pretty much destroy any hope. It would be nearly impossible to leapfrog two teams in the division – the Cowboys and Eagles – with five games remaining and none against either of those opponents.

Thomas went on to say that he thought the loss to Dallas in the opener set the tone for the 0-6 start that the Giants endured. It’s also a chance for the defense to show what it can do against a full-fledged (and fully healthy) NFL quarterback in Tony Romo, eliminating a disclaimer that has been asterisked next to nearly every mention of the Giants’ turnaround, and, Thomas noted, an opportunity for Eli Manning and the offense to make up for the five turnovers (plus a sixth one on special teams) that plagued them back in September in Dallas.

“This is kind of a redemption game for us,” Thomas said. “Everything is clicking for us right now. Come Sunday, you’re going to get the best out of the Giants.”

And that, Thomas clearly believes, is better than what the Cowboys can offer up.

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