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The Bomar Era -- limited as it may be -- has begun

It’s Rhett’s team now.

Rhett Bomar has become the only available quarterback on the Giants, the last man standing so to speak. Sure Tom Coughlin said that there are others he can use in an emergency – Antrel Rolle has run some Wildcat stuff in the past and Corey Webster was a pretty good high school quarterback in Louisianna – but it’s pretty much Bomar or Bust right now. While Jim Sorgi has not been ruled out for Saturday’s game against the Steelers, he very well could join Eli Manning as a “not able to play.”

How does that sit with Bomar?

“I know we’re a little bit banged up at the quarterback position right now, but whenever I go in I go in,” he said. “I’m just going to play it by ear all week.”

Bomar has a much better attitude about the situation than Tom Coughlin. The coach said he can never remember having a practice with just one available quarterback like he did this afternoon. How did that go? "Lousy," he said.

No reflection on Bomar, of course. He played pretty well in his time against the Jets. And he expects to get even more snaps – if not all of them – against the Steelers.

“That’s what I plan to do, what I want to do,” he said. “I feel comfortable out there. It was fun to be out there and play again after a year of not being out there a lot last year in the preseason.

“If I do (play more), that’s great. I need it. I need all the reps I can get. Being a young guy. I’m getting more reps this year than last year, but its still limited . All the reps I can take I’m happy to take.”

We’ll see if he’s still happy to take them when he’s dragging his arm off the field following Saturday’s game.

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