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The Bottom Five (and not the last five quarters of Giants football)

Jacobs was the “Earth” in the Giants’ “Earth,

Jacobs was the “Earth” in the Giants’ “Earth, Wind (Derrick Ward) and Fire (Ahmad Bradshaw)” backfield team. Credit: J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Today is the last day of 2010. And it might also be the last practice of the season for the Giants. The ball drops in Times Square tonight but the ax might drop on the Giants’ season on Sunday evening.

The Giants certainly haven’t been playing like a Top Five team lately. In fact, you could say that their last five quarters of ply have been their Bottom Five. Which is kind of ironic since we’ve been putting together the Bottom Five list all season long.

And now, as we head into Week 17, we come to a crossroads on the season, on the franchise, on a lot of things. But as always, there are things you should be looking for in the Giants-Redskins game. Some of them are obvious and will be covered elsewhere. Others, at the bottom of the list, will appear only here. And so we present the final regular-season Bottom Five Things to Look For:

5. To taunt the Giants, the Redskins keep flashing bogus scores on their scoreboard from the Bears-Packers game. One minute the Bears are up by two touchdowns, the next shows the Packers with a 3-0 lead. The Giants are so confused they lose sight of their own game and lose to the Redskins.

4. They’ve waited this long, but the Giants finally unleash their two secret offensive weapons: Duke Calhoun and Darius Reynaud.

3. Brandon Jacobs runs for a career-high 247 yards, scores four touchdowns and catches six passes for another 112 yards. Asked why he was able to accomplish so much, he says that he's never felt so fresh or energized as he has since abandoning his Twitter account.

2. The flight I was bumped to after the blizzard in New York last weekend finally takes off from Milwaukee right on schedule – at 7:30 p.m. Saturday night. I get home just in time to leave for the trip to Washington.

1. John Mara bucks the old saying that you can’t fire the players so you fire the coach. He fires the players.

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