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The Bottom Five: Andrews shows his true colors, Boss gets split wide, and Coughlin's ambivalence knows no bounds

The Giants signed former Eagles left tackle Shawn

The Giants signed former Eagles left tackle Shawn Andrews, who has a history of injuries but is a three-time Pro Bowler. Photo Credit: AP File

So, first place in the NFC East is on the line Sunday night. And depending on what happens to the Packers and the Vikings, the team that emerges from this game could very well by this week’s "Best team in the NFC,” a title that has been batted around like a beach ball for the last few weeks (sorry Bucs, it ain’t gonna be you!).

Obviously there are a lot of serious situations and matchups to observe. But you can get those from just about any source these days. Yes, the Giants have to stop Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson. Yes, the Giants need to not turn the ball over. Ok, we get it.

Here, of course, we got all the way to the bottom of the list of things to look for. So here, for the Giants-Eagles game, is our list of the Bottom Five Things to Look For when you tune in on Sunday night:

5. Not only does Shawn Andrews not play, it turns out he’s a double agent still working for the Eagles. He was planted by them on the Giants’ roster to sabotage the offensive line and today, finally, his true identity is uncloaked.

4. The Giants are confused and bewildered on the field when the lights somehow manage to stay on during the third quarter. “We kept waiting for the third-quarter blackout to regroup,” Eli Manning says after the game, “but it never came.”

3. Tight end Kevin Boss is actually snapped in half while leaping for a high pass from Manning over the middle. His top half catches the ball, but it is ruled incomplete because he can’t get his two (severed) feet down in bounds.

2. It took four months to make. It cost over $6 million to produce. It is the first time Steven Spielberg and James Cameron have worked together in a creative capacity. They got Tom Hanks to narrate it, then decided he wasn't a big enough name. Two crew members were killed during the intricate production. Dammit, NBC is going to air the 19-minute segment it has in the can on the life and times of D.J. Johnson ... whether he’s on the team or not!

1. The game comes down to a crucial play. The Giants have first-and-goal from the Eagles’ 2 and trail by 3. Do they kick the field goal to tie and take their chances in overtime? Do they run another offensive play for the win? Will it be a pass or a run? The entire team turns to Tom Coughlin to see what they should do. His answer: “Whatever.”


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