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The Bottom Five: The masks come off, Eli sheds a tear and C.C. Brown gets an unexpected welcome

East Rurgerford New Jersey Sunday September 26, 2010

East Rurgerford New Jersey Sunday September 26, 2010 NY Giants QB #10 Eli Manning as the Giants lose to the Titan's by a score of 29-10 during game Tenn Titans vs NY Giants. Credit: Joe Rogate

Nothing gets the Giants fired up like Lions Week. There are so many matchups and keys to talk about. Like stopping that guy they have. And the other guy they drafted. And trying to reduce the impact of that other fella there on defense.

OK, you got me. There’s really not a whole heck of a lot to consider when trying to breakdown the Giants’ game against the Lions on Sunday. The Giants really just have to do their thing and not allow the Lions to take too much advantage of mistakes.

But like any list of keys, there is a top … and there is a bottom. So as we do every week, here are the Bottom Five Things to Look For in Sunday’s game.

5. Tom Coughlin rests his starters. “No reason to get anyone hurt in this game when we have the Cowboys next week,” he says. Then he reconsiders and says he will rest the starters against Dallas too.

4. C.C. Brown is cheered wildly upon his return to New York when Giants fans realize that he is not Tiki Barber.

3. Eli Manning says that he is unaware of the comments made by C.C. Brown about his inconsistency. But a little tear of betrayal trickles down his cheek as he says it.

2. Jim Schwartz thinks he has figured out why the Lions have not won a thing since 1957. “It’s the facemasks,” he says. “Ever since they came into the league, we’re been terrible.” He has the Lions equipment manager remove them from the helmets for the game against the Giants. The results are disastrous.

1. Ndoma … Nodami … Ndano … Ah hell, the big kid from Nebraska who ate Texas for dinner last year.

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