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The Bottom Five: The return of Sheridan, Coughlin likes Favre's naked runs, and the "Sage Stare" wins it for Giants

Minnesota's Brett Favre and the Giants' Eli Manning

Minnesota's Brett Favre and the Giants' Eli Manning talk after the Vikings defeated the Giants, 44-7, in the final regular season game of the 2009-10 season. (January 3, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

With all this talk about how Brett Favre’s shoulder injury is preventing him from pulling up his socks, the Dolphins practicing at the Giants’ facility, and Shawn Andrews vowing to play again this season (go ahead and rank those ideas 1-3 in terms of craziness!), it’s almost like this whole week has been a Bottom Five list.

Of course there are plenty of actual football things to consider about this Sunday’s game between the Giants and the Vikings. How will preparing to face two quarterbacks affect the Giants? Two ferocious defensive lines will be on the field, which one will have the better showing? Will Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks made immediate contributions to the Giants? Will they make immediate contributions to my fantasy team as we head into the playoffs?

As always, you can go to any number of outlets to see the top five things to look for in Sunday’s game. But here we go straight to the end of the long list of storylines. So here, for the game between the Giants and the Vikings, is our weekly Bottom Five Things to Look For:

5. Eli Manning starts his 100th straight game, but at halftime he turns into a vampire and bites Brett Favre’s neck and drinks his blood, thereby imbibing the essence of his 298 straight starts. The NFL record-keepers acknowledge that by the end of the game, Manning has started 398 straight games at quarterback.

4. Osi Umenyiora walks into the Giants’ field house on Friday afternoon, looks at Dolphins linebackers coach Bill Sheridan, then walks out on him. Just for old time’s sake.

3. The NFL announces that it found no corroborating evidence to back up Tom Coughlin’s claims about Brett Favre on Wednesday when the Giants coach said – and this is his honest-to-goodness, you-can-look-it-up actual quote – “They were putting Brett on the corner, he was running nakeds, he was doing a lot of that kind of thing.”

2. After losing, the Vikings blame their loss on Sage Rosenfels, who did little more than stand on the Giants’ sideline and watch the game. “When he stood on our sideline and watched the game, he was one of the best in the business at it,” Adrian Peterson says following the loss. “Obviously the Giants having him standing on their sideline and watching the game, that made all the difference for them. He may stand on the sideline and watch that team go all the way to the Super Bowl.” Asked about Darius Reynaud’s impact, Peterson says he has no recollection of him playing for either team.

1. Since the Giants aren’t using him, the Dolphins ask if they can borrow Victor Cruz for the weekend. The Giants oblige out of professional courtesy.

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