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Good Morning

The cavalry shows up, but Barden doesn't have a horse

Giants wide receiver Ramses Barden. (June 15, 2010)

Giants wide receiver Ramses Barden. (June 15, 2010) Credit: Craig Ruttle

Hey, look who’s back! Steve Smith! Kevin Boss! Corey Webster! Rich Seubert! Sinorice Moss! Travis Beckum! All returned to practice after missing time with injuries last week.

Besides the quarterbacks, though, one other guy who was missing from practice was Ramses Barden. He was the starting wide receiver on Monday but said that he is having lower back issues. In fact, he’d been having them for a few days prior to the game.

“It wasn’t anything that came up during the game, it just got worse,” he said.

Right now Barden said the team’s medical staff is in “information-gathering mode” trying to decide if the problem is muscular or “something else.” That something else could be serious, of course. Hey, Antonio Pierce was out at practice and went for a routine follow-up test on his neck last year when all of a sudden his season came to an abrupt end. So something else is always lurking.

“I’m not even thinking like that,” Barden said (after turning a little ghostly when I mentioned the Pierce thing to him).

What he was thinking about was the opportunity he had on Monday. While he could have played better certainly, he was about to get his big chance: a man coverage situation in the red zone. Of course that was the play when Eli Manning got crushed.

“It was coming to me,” he said of the play. “I was excited. I saw him glance my way and we talked about it in the huddle a little bit. Unfortunately it didn’t make it that far.”

Was Barden open?

“Of course,” he said with a big grin. “The play hadn’t really materialized yet but I would like to think I would have had the opportunity to make a catch.”

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