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The Giants' All-Presidential team

A portrait of President George Washington, whose 281st

A portrait of President George Washington, whose 281st birthday will be celebrated as part of Presidents Day. Some Long Island clubs and pubs will be throwing Sunday night parties to take advantage of the Monday holiday. (Feb. 12, 2013) Credit: New York Historical Society

It’s Presidents’ Day, so what better time to come up with an All-Presidential team comprised of Giants who share the same last names as our Commanders-in-Chief. Some of them are all-time greats – Lawrence Taylor, for instance, who, like Zachary Taylor, had some memorable battles against Native Amaericans (or, as we call them these days, Washington Redskins) – while many others (like several Presidents) were simply passing through the pages of history or the record books unfettered and unfeted.

There have been 43 Presidents, but 63 Giants players with Presidential names.

We’ve had two Presidents named Johnson and 23 Giants with that name. On the other hand, we’ve had two Roosevelts and two Bushes in the White House, too, but none have ever played for the Giants (unless you want to consider Roosevelt “Rosey” Brown, which you are free to do).

Some came close. Like Emery Nix, a quarterback in 1943 and 1946, who was two letters away from getting “on” the list. Or Mike Busch, also a quarterback, in 1987, who had one too many letters. Others made up for it with two presidential names: Cleveland Jackson, he was a tight end in 1979.

And then there are players named after people some think were Presidents. Keith Hamilton (1992-2003), for example. Or George Franklin, a running back in 1979.

Anyway, it’s time to play Hail to the Chief, Giants-style. Here’s your list, going in chronological order based on the President. It's their day, after all:

Damon Washington, RB, 2000-02
Gene Washington, WR, 1979
John Washington, DE, 1986-92
Keith Washington, DE, 2003-04

George Adams, RB, 1985-89
Howard (Neal) Adams, E, 1942-45
Titus Adams, DT, 2006
Verlin Adams, T, 1943-45

Sam Madison, DB, 2006-08

Bob Jackson, FB, 1950-51
Brian Jackson, CB, 2010
Cleveland Jackson, TE, 1979
Greg Jackson, DB, 1989-93
Honor Jackson, DB, 1973-74
Louis Jackson, RB, 1981
Mark Jackson, WR, 1993-94
Terry Jackson, DB, 1978-83

Maurice Tyler, DB, 1978

Billy Taylor, RB, 1978-81
Bob Taylor, DE, 1963-64
Jamaar Taylor, WR, 2004-04
Lawrence Taylor, LB, 1981-93

Aarron Pierce, TE, 1992-97
Antonio Pierce, LB, 2005-09

Jeremy Lincoln, DB, 1989-99

Bill Johnson, K, 1970
Bobby Johnson, WR, 1984-86
Bruce Johnson, DB, 2009-11
Curley Johnson, K, 1969
Damien Johnson, T, 1986-89
Darcy Johnson, TE, 2006-09
Dennis Johnson, TE, 1980
D.J. Johnson, DB, 2009-10
Dwight Johnson, DE, 2002
Gartrell Johnson, RB, 2009
Gene Johnson, DB, 1961-62
Herb Johnson, RB, 1954
Joe Johnson, WR, 1948
John Johnson, DT, 1969
Ken Johnson, FB, 1979
Larry Johnson, C, 1936-39
Len Johnson, C, 1970
LeShon Johnson, RB, 1998-99
Michael Johnson, S, 2007-10
Nate Johnson, WR, 1980
Pepper Johnson, LB, 1986-92
Randy Johnson, QB, 1971-73
Ron Johnson, RB, 1970-75

Deon Grant, S, 2010-11
Len Grant, T, 1930-37
Wesley Grant, DE, 1970

Larry Hayes, LB, 1961

Max Harrison, E, 1940

Butch Wilson, TE, 1968-69
Fay (Mule) Wilson, FB, 1927-30
Gibril Wilson, S, 2004-07
Gillis Wilson, DE, 2001

Jimmy Kennedy, DT, 2011
Thomas Kennedy, QB, 1966-67

Charlie Ford, DB, 1975-76

Jonathan Carter, WR, 2001-02
Tim Carter, WR, 2002-06

Frank Reagan, FB, 1941, 46-48

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