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Good Morning

The Prince Countdown starts again

Prince Amukamara was an hour and a half away from making his NFL debut on Sunday. It was at that point that he learned he would be inactive for the game against the Patriots.

But it appears that the first-round pick and rookie cornerback is inching even closer to that elusive first experience. He took some snaps with the Giants’ defense today, the first time he’s done so after working with the scout team since the bye week.

“Just a couple of snaps here and there, nothing too major, just gradually getting in there,” Amukamara said.

Everyone expects Amukamara to be on the field soon. Whether that means this week against the 49ers in San Francisco might not be decided until the team is getting ready for the game on Sunday.

That’s what happened this week. Amukamara said he took the news in stride.

“I just take it as the coach has my best interest at heart, and I just have to trust him,” he said.

Amukamara trusts the coach, but now the coach needs to trust him.

“I think the biggest part is to just show the coaches that I’m ready and just gain their trust in me just by doing the right things on the field and not making mental errors,” he said.

Is he ready?

“Not quite,” he admitted. “I lean on the older guys like (Aaron) Ross and Corey (Webster). They’re getting me situated pretty well.”


By the way, Amukamara said he's in touch with some former teammates at Nebraska, but he didn't really have any thoughts on his old college team playing what could be the most closely-watched college football game of the year against Penn State on Saturday.

"I'm sure it's a distraction to Penn State," he said. "We just need to use that and go in there and do our job."

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