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Tollefson and Biermann separated at birth?

Dave Tollefson played five years with the Giants

Dave Tollefson played five years with the Giants and won two Super Bowl rings. Credit: Getty Images

When the Giants played the Falcons two years ago, Dave Tollefson walked across the field after the game and introduced himself to … himself.

Well, not quite. But he said hello to Kroy Biermann, the Falcons’ backup defensive end who, when on the field, is a dead-ringer look-a-like for Tollefson.

“I saw him and I was like ‘Hey, do they give you ---- about me?’” Tollefson said. “And he’s like ‘Yeah, do they give you ---- about me?’”

They both play the same position, both wear the same number, and both are, to put it bluntly, white guys at a position where that is somewhat rare.

Teammates caught onto the similarities early on and used to pull up films for Falcons games to taunt him. “That was the old joke. ‘How’d you get to Atlanta, Dave? You just played here and you’re down there!’”

Tollefson said the two don’t bear that much of a similarity facially. But when they are padded up with a helmet on and wearing that number 71, even Tollefson has trouble keeping track of who is whom.

“It’s kind of eerie sometimes watching him,” Tollefson said. “It’s like ‘Wait a minute. Is that me?’”

Watch some highlights of Biermann here and judge for yourself.

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