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Tom Coughlin remaining calm about miscommunications

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin answers questions from

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin answers questions from the media during the second day of NFL minicamp in East Rutherford, N.J. on Wednesday, June 18, 2014. Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

Tom Coughlin noted that on a few plays Saturday night, the quarterback threw the ball to one spot and the receiver was someplace else. Anyone who watched the Giants in 2013 knows how that will set off alarms. So far, though, Coughlin has remained surprisingly calm.

"I'm not saying it's a big deal," he said Sunday. "We're not going down the Miscommunication Road like we did last year with it over and over and over. I would like to see this cleared up and I think it will be."

Eli Manning's first pass of Saturday night's game was a quick sideline throw to Jerrel Jernigan, who did not seem to be expecting it. Later in the game, Ryan Nassib threw a pass for Rueben Randle that was short. Nassib clearly thought Randle was going to stop and come back for the ball. Randle kept running toward the end zone.

"Just throw the ball out there," Coughlin said. "I would have liked to see the ball thrown in the air and put in a position where Rueben can run under it. I was a little bit disappointed in that as well."

Part of the issue is the new offense and the new system of verbal and hand signals that relay information from the quarterback to the receiver. But Coughlin said some of the information is available in the huddle, too. And there are times when a receiver will change routes based on a defender's position.

Said Coughlin, "We obviously have some issues with the signal system from the quarterback to the receiver, what the expectation is on the part of the quarterback and the receivers in terms of adjustments."

The Giants have a month to work them out and move off Miscommunication Road to Same Page Boulevard.

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