Tom Coughlin said he does not know what is in store for him next, but the now former Giants head coach is certain he will continue with the only thing he loves more than his family and football.

“I do know that in this time we will devote a lot of our energy to the Jay Fund Foundation, to specifically the ‘Be There’ campaign, which we have promised the New York, New Jersey area,” Coughlin said of his organization that helps families dealing with pediatric cancer. “We have promised that the Jay Fund would be here in perpetuity.”

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The Jay Fund was created in 1996 in honor of Jay McGillis, a Boston College football player under Coughlin who developed leukemia and passed away.

“We have launched a great campaign,” Coughlin said. “Our goal is $10 million. We’re at $6 million. I think we can possibly make that. I won’t be in that chair anymore, but I hope people understand that. We are there to help people that have children with cancer. That’s what we do. We have no other alternative . . . This ‘Be There Forever’ campaign is something that we’ve devoted ourselves to. I made the pledge we’re going to get it done. If I have to walk the streets of New York to get it done, I will. We will get it done.”