Tom Coughlin said he will talk to his captains and perhaps address the Giants as a whole in regards to the harassment incident in the Miami Dolphins' locker room that has captured national attention.

"Vigilance," Coughlin said, "is a key issue there."

Coughlin said one of the reasons he may address the team is because of the comments Antrel Rolle voiced Tuesday in a radio interview, saying that Jonathan Martin was just as much to blame for the situation as Richie Incognito. Rolle later backed away from that equal division of blame, but still insisted Martin's inability to stand up for himself played a part in the incident. Others on the Giants, while not specific to this incident, have spoken about players needing to "man up" in the face of bullying.

"I may say something to the team, only because I do see that the comments are coming forth," Coughlin said. "As I mentioned to you the other day, the teamwork concept is the first thing in the door for us. We need everybody. We want everybody to be the very, very best football player that they can possibly be. When you say things like that, you need to back it up with the fact that the player has to be comfortable in his environment. He's not going to grow and develop if he isn't."

Coughlin dealt with a similar incident last year when Prince Amukamara was dunked in a cold tub during training camp, an incident that was captured on video and posted on the Internet. He dealt swiftly with that situation.

"[I was] concerned from a twofold standpoint," Coughlin said. "One, the player could've been hurt, and if the player was being asked to do something or being forced to do something that he wasn't compatible with, he could've been hurt and that would've been a major issue for us. And the second thing is, if you recall, I was very disappointed that there were some that thought it was funny. It obviously wasn't."

Coughlin said that although there are those who chose to cast some portion of blame on Martin, he thinks it's clear that a line was crossed.

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"We all know the difference between right and wrong," he said. "I don't care what's being written or whatever about an incident like this. Everyone knows when things go too far, and when things go too far you've got to do something about it. I mean, I can't say it any more simple."