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Touchdown Tommie does it again in our Bottom Five

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. Credit: Joe Epstein

Lots of people come up with pregame lists on what to look for in these contests. Glauber has a dozen of them right here concerning Monday night's Jets-Giants game.

But we do things a little differently here, as you may have noticed, so we come up with the "Bottom Five Things You Should Look For" in Monday night's preseason opener.

5. The pregame coin toss will be a little different. Instead of taking place at midfield with the teams' captains standing by, it will take place in secret in Roger Goodell's office on Park Avenue. Oh, and the Giants will win the toss.

4. The Giants receivers will be baffled and confused when running their routes because they had been game-planning all week to go against Darrelle Revis. "Why didn't anyone mention he's not with the team?" Derek Hagan will say afterward, pointing a finger at the media. Ramses Barden adds: "Boy, they really did a good job of keeping that a secret."

3. To honor his final preseason opener as a beat reporter, Vinny DiTrani of the Record will be brought onstage to introduce Green Day as the halftime act.

2. The Giants will pull a few offensive tricks out of the bag and run a third-quarter hook-and-lateral when Rhett Bomar throws to Herb Taylor, who then pitches the ball to Dave Tollefson. It will be for a 2-yard gain.

1."Touchdown" Tommie Hill will continue his amazing streak of scoring game-winning touchdowns in Monday Night Football preseason openers. Last year he did it against the Panthers to save us all from overtime. This time he'll once again scoop up a loose ball and add it to his collection.

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