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Tuck "a little bit" miffed about not closing Giants Stadium

The Giants' Justin Tuck celebrates his sack in

The Giants' Justin Tuck celebrates his sack in the third quarter against the Oakland Raiders. (October 11, 2009) Photo Credit: Getty Images

Justin Tuck spoke today about "putting on a show" and sending Giants Stadium to the big swamp in the sky with a win on Sunday. It'll be the last Giants game at a stadium that has been their home since 1976.

But it's not the last game at Giants Stadium. That will take place the following week, on Jan. 3, when the Jets host the Bengals. Does it bother Tuck that his and his teammates' last game at Giants Stadium is not THE last game at Giants Stadium?

"A little bit," he said. "But I don’t have any decision-making (power) over that. I’m just happy to be playing for the Giants’ last home game at Giants Stadium. The rest of it, we don’t have any control over it."

Tuck said it won't take away any of the thunder from the finale (or is it a faux-nale?). But he also said he would have rather seen the Giants play the final game at the venue.

"Obviously the Jets play here too and they have as much right to play the last game here as we do," he said. "Obviously I’m biased about it. If I had a say-so, I’d have had it the other way around. But I don’t."

They did. They could have earned a home playoff game. But that's an entirely different story.

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