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Tuck calls next three "must wins"

Justin Tuck of the NY Giants

Justin Tuck of the NY Giants Photo Credit: Joe Rogate

Justin Tuck was on the conference call with the washington media today, and he was asked a very straight-forward question: Are the Giants in a must-win situation on Monday night.

He gave a straight-forward answer.

"I think so," Tuck said. "You never want to put that pressure on yourself, especially when they say we can still make the playoffs even if we don’t win all three of these. For me personally, I think that we are because of the fact that we haven’t played great ball. Even if we do make the playoffs, you don’t want to go into the playoffs limping. You want to go in with the confidence, knowing that you kind of righted the ship and are playing your best ball at that point in time. I think for us it’s important to win these next three."

Of course Tuck is right, the Giants can still make the playoffs if they go 2-1 in these next two games. Even a 1-2 stretch would not eliminate them as long as Dallas does its part by losing out.

But the Giants have been in must-win mode for about a month now and have must-won only twice. Which is why it's more important to play well for three games than it is to necessarily win them all.

(Photo: Joe Rogate)

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