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Tuck calls Packers, 49ers 'sore losers,' adds that the better team won

Justin Tuck talks with reporters during training camp.

Justin Tuck talks with reporters during training camp. (Aug. 1, 2012) Credit: Hans Pennink

The Giants have a message for the rest of the league that thinks they were simply lucky to win Super Bowl XLVI:

Fluke you!

After enduring comments from other players both public and private since winning the championship -- remarks such as Packers linebacker Clay Matthews saying that the Giants didn’t beat his team but rather the Packers beat themselves, and most recently 49ers safety Donte Whitner saying that the NFC Championship game was “ours to lose” and his team let it “slip through their fingers – Justin Tuck just smiled a wry smile.

“There’s some sore losers in the world, ain’t it?” he said.

Tuck then said he doesn’t care what other teams say.

“It doesn’t bother me much,” he said. “Last time I checked we won the Super Bowl and that’s what everybody strives to get to every year. I’m not the type of guy to make excuses about a loss or a win. Regardless. The better team won. You played better that day, that’s why it’s a game. That’s why we have the slogan: Talk is cheap, play the game. It don’t really matter what we say, it’s about what we do on the football field.”

The Giants have been gnashing their teeth over such disrespect since they got back to New York from Indianapolis last February. It’s certainly something the Giants can use for motivation, but Tuck is afraid it might also start to seep in.

“Sure it can help you, it also can hurt you too,” Tuck said. “You start listening to people and start thinking to yourself: ‘Well maybe we didn’t deserve that?’ or whatever.”

Tuck isn’t letting those voices into his head. As for the outside voices saying it?

“I find it amusing,” he said.

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