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Tuck not a fan of changes; Sheridan was licking his chops

Justin Tuck probably knew Bill Sheridan was toast, but when he was asked about the potential departure of his defensive coordinator the Giants had yet to announce Sheridan's firing.

“Change is always tough,” Tuck said as he prepares to play under the fourth coordinator in his five-year career. "If they decide to make a change or whatever it may be, that would be difficult because obviously it’s another person to get used to, possibly another scheme.”

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I also went back and dug up some Bill Sheridan quotes from when he was first hired as the defensive coordinator. To his credit, even back then he was talking about how the most important tool for a coordinator to have is competence, a line he got a little skewered for last week.

But here's what he had to say about the defensive players he had at his disposal (on May 12, to be exact):

"Not in your wildest imagination (can you be) falling into a better situation because, as you were saying, we have good players. There is no tip-toeing around that, we have quality players. We have had them ... I couldn’t have fallen into a better situation."

Sheridan was then asked if there was any additional pressure because of all th eplayers on the roster, if he felt a "don't screw this up" pressure.

"No, and I really don’t think like that," he said. "That is a fair question. I’m licking my chops. I can’t wait to get going in the fall ... But I don’t view it that way as far as additional pressure to screw it up. I just know that we are in a very good situation with good players and a fantastic, experienced coaching staff. And so I’m just licking my chops and can’t wait to get going. We are going to be good."


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