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Tuck: Pats are no dirtier than anyone, including Giants

JUSTIN TUCK, Giants defensive endJustin Tuck compared Patriots

JUSTIN TUCK, Giants defensive end
Justin Tuck compared Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to the head of a snake that is the powerful Pats' offense. The Giants defensive front will hope to pressure Brady like it did during the Super Bowl in 2008. “The way to kill a snake is to take off its head,” said Tuck. “The way to kill an offense as potent as that is to take care of Brady.”
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Osi Umenyiora said last week that there are things that Patriots tackle Matt Light does that just get under his skin. But overall, Justin Tuck said, the Patriots are not a dirty unit.

At least no more than anybody else.

“I haven’t seen anything on film that would suggest them being dirty, but honestly in the trenches, everybody has some kind of dirtiness to them, offensively and defensively,” Tuck said. “We have to. You can’t play this game without it or you’ll get pushed around. I think anytime you talk about d line or offensive line play, the word dirty can be used.”

Of course it was Tuck who called (or at least mentioned that others call) the Falcons dirtbags in the playoff opener.

Patriots guard Logan Mankins was asked yesterday about being called dirty by the Giants (which he wasn’t, but that’s never really been a good reason to ignore a juicy question).

“That’s alright,” he said. “We don’t mind being called dirty or cheap or any of that stuff. That’s a compliment to us.”

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