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Tuck, Ware shared a laugh

Justin Tuck and Dave Tollefson of the New

Justin Tuck and Dave Tollefson of the New York Giants celebrate after Tuck recorded a sack in the second quarter against Aaron Rodgers. (Dec. 4, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

It's one of the rites of a Giants-Cowboys week: Trying to get Justin Tuck to use the "H" word to describe his feelings about America's Team.

But it’s not all hate all the time when Tuck gets on the field against the Cowboys. In fact, he shared a chuckle with DeMarcus Ware when the two met at Cowboys Stadium on Dec. 11. Ware had said earlier in the week that Tuck is jealous of the Cowboys and really wants to play for Dallas.

“We laughed about it, actually,” Tuck said. “I guess the Dallas media is a lot like you guys (in New York). He told me they hyped it up so much that it ended up being what it was, and it really wasn’t what it was. He didn’t have to tell me that. I know. Me and that guy go back a long way. We both know where we stand.”

Where they’ll stand on Sunday night is on opposite sides of the field with an NFC East championship at stake. Don’t expect much laughing at that point.

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