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Turnovers, penalties, dodo birds and other observations

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning loses control

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning loses control of the ball under pressure from Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Antonio Dixon during the second half. (Nov. 21, 2010) Photo Credit: AP

Just a few last notes and observations on last night’s loss to the Eagles before we head into the locker room and ask Eli more questions about sliding:

The Giants have 30 turnovers in 11 games this season. That not only leads the NFL, but it projects to nearly 44 on the season. Two years ago the Giants tied the NFL record with just 13.

Eli Manning has 16 interceptions this season. The most he ever threw in one season was 20. Oh, but he won a Super Bowl that season.

It’s about time that Terrell Thomas blocked a field goal. He’s been close on several occasions. This one came with time running out in the first half, though, so the Giants needed to return it to score points. Corey Webster nearly did, but he was tackled and it looked like he was taken down by his facemask. That should have been a penalty but it wasn’t called. Might have given the Giants a shot at the end zone there.

One guy who was pretty steamed after the game was Chris Canty, and it wasn’t just the loss that had him pissed. The blatant clip by Todd Herremans on him in which the guard basically dove at the back of Canty’s legs had Canty furious (and, I might add, lucky to have gotten up and walked away from it). Nasty play. Expect the NFL to fine Herrmans for it. And don’t expect Canty to forget about it when the two teams play again in three weeks.

I’ve seen Matt Dodge fumble three snaps on punts this year. In all my years of watching and playing football, I don’t think I can remember three other times that I’ve seen that happen. It’s truly remarkable.

There was one play in which Osi Umenyiora rushed Michael Vick and ran about 15 yards past him down the field. No exaggeration. I don't know what he was doing on that play. Perhaps he was just going to swing around behind, out-flank Vick, and cut him off at the pass if he decided to roll to his right.

In my original copy for the game story I noted that Eli Manning's half-slide looked like a dodo bird coming in for a landing. It was edited out of the copy, but I stand by that comparison. Then again, as long-time desk jockey Greg Gutes pointed out, "to describe what Eli did as a 'large, awkward bird trying to land' is an insult to large, awkward birds."

The Packers have now pummeled two opponents so badly that the following day they had to fire their head coach. The 49ers go to Green Bay on Dec. 5. Will that be a third? The Giants go to Green Bay on Dec. 26. If Tom Coughlin can’t get things straightened out in the next few weeks, the Packers could be claiming another job.



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