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Tyler Sash takes his suspension straight to the top

Tyler Sash, right, and Ahmad Bradshaw talk on

Tyler Sash, right, and Ahmad Bradshaw talk on the sidelines before the game. (Aug. 24, 2012) Credit: David Pokress

Tyler Sash is throwing the Hail Mary this afternoon.

The second-year safety has been suspended by the NFL for the first four games of the season for violating the policy on performance enhancing drugs. He claims he took the prescription drug Adderall during the offseason as prescribed by his family physician in Iowa, which is a banned substance. He appealed the suspension and lost, but now he wants to make one last-ditch plea for leniency from the Roger Goodell himself.

Sash drove into Manhattan this afternoon and will meet with Goodell at 4 p.m.

“I just want more of an explanation,” Sash said. “There’s been some cases that I know of that people have gotten off with the same exact thing as me. So I just want to know why mine is different than some other peoples’. I just want more of an explanation.”

He’s referring, likely, to teammate Andre Brown who was suspended during the offseason, said he was taking Adderall to help with his ADD, and had his suspension lifted.

When the suspension first became public in training camp, Sash said he knew that ignorance of the law was no defense. But he does make a strong case thanks to the labor unrest last summer.

“Being a rookie and not having the symposium (last year because of the lockout), I didn’t even know the rule at the time,” Sash said. “I figured I got it from a doctor at home, it was a prescription. I never even thought anything of it. I just want more of an explanation and to be informed on his end and see what he’s thinking about the whole thing.”

Sash doesn’t know what to expect. He might have the suspension reduced, lifted, or kept in place. At the very least, though, he’ll walk out of Goodell’s office this evening having fought for his case and having that piece of mind.

“He didn’t have to accept to see me,” Sash said. “Since he did accept to see me, you never know. Maybe he’ll reduce it or take it away or I might still have the four games. I’m just going in there hoping and praying for the best.”

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