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Tynes: Where's the flag?

Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes has a sprained ankle

Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes has a sprained ankle and could miss Sunday's game. (Sept. 26, 2010) Credit: David Pokress

It’s never a good sign when the kicker leaves the locker room on crutches. But Lawrence Tynes hobbled out of Bank of America Stadium with some aluminum assistance last night convinced that his right knee suffered no injury.

“It’s a thigh bruise,” he said. “Nothing is wrong with my knee.”

That didn’t appear to be the case when Tynes collapsed on the grass after being hit just above the right knee by the helmet of Sean Ware, a Carolina linebacker who came screaming in and blocked his 44-yard field goal attempt in the fourth quarter.

“I’ll be honest with you I have no idea what happened,” Tynes said. “My head was down, I thought I hit the ball pretty well, next thing I know I saw a flash of a helmet. My knee feels fine, it’s just my thigh is pretty sore.”

Tynes will have an MRI on Sunday. He’s also looking for an explanation of why there was no flag on the play.

“What happened to the defenseless player?” Tynes asked. “I don’t care if he tipped the ball or not, you still shouldn’t be able to hit a kicker with his plant foot in the ground. I never left my plant foot so I don’t understand where the hell the rule is. That was the epitome of the defenseless player. Whatever. I’m sure we’ll hear about it and why it wasn’t a foul.

“After a ball is tipped I guess you can just hit anyone in the knee,” he added. “I don’t know the rule, I’m probably speaking out of turn, but I think it should have been a flag.”

Flag or no, the Giants will probably be without Tynes at least for next week's preseason game against the Bears. They'll have to bring in another kicker to help out. They do have Matt Dodge who can handle the kickoffs, but they'll need someone to boot the extra points and field goals.

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