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Tyree had a "fairy tale ride," but Hilliard is still feeling the bumps from his

David Tyree, a Super Bowl hero with the

David Tyree, a Super Bowl hero with the Giants in 2008, was released Saturday, Sept. 5. Credit: AP

It’s days like these when I realize how very little time I have spent on the Giants beat compared with the rest of my colleagues. We just got off the phone with Ike Hilliard and David Tyree, the two players who are retiring as Giants this week after signing one-day contracts with the team, and even though they are part of the team’s very recent history I never covered either of them in a Giants uniform.

Well, I covered Tyree when he was hurt for all of the 2008 season and then again last year when he tried to make the team in training camp. But even though this is my third year on the beat, I’ve never watched them work or dealt with them on a daily basis.

Anyway, enough about me. Here are a few compelling points from the conference call:

David Tyree said that while he can’t put a number on the times he has seen his remarkable Super Bowl XLII catch – mostly at the request of media and other public events – he knows exactly how many times he has watched the win over the Patriots in its entirety: None. That’s going to change, he said. Now that he’s retired he’ll make it a point to sit down and watch the Super Bowl win from coin flip to confetti.

Tyree also said his plans are to go into a combination of business and the ministry. Asked about coaching, he said no, that that career is as much a calling as the ministry is. It’s a calling he has not received.

Tyree said it was “only fitting” that he ended his career with the Giants. “It was a fairy tale ride for a kid out of Essex County,” he said. “The story couldn’t have been written any better.”

Ike Hilliard, who is coaching with the Florida Tuskers of the UFL, said he hopes to become an NFL coach.

Despite a physical style that led to many injuries that still hurt – including nerve damage from a concussion he suffered in 2008, his final NFL season – Hilliard said: “I wouldn't change a thing in terms of how I played the game.”


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