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Tyree on '07, '11 Giants: 'carbon copy'

In this Feb. 3, 2008 file photo, New

In this Feb. 3, 2008 file photo, New York Giants receiver David Tyree (85) catches a 32-yard pass in the clutches of New England Patriots safety Rodney Harrison (37) during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLII. Photo Credit: AP

With all the stories we'll be cranking out over the next couple of weeks, David Tyree and Rodney Harrison certainly each deserves his own.

But we're not about conserving resources here. We're a daily newspaper. So I wrote one story about both of them for Wednesday's newspaper.

Here it is.

Putting them together like that, however, caused some stuff to be left on the cutting room floor. Here is some of that material, an exclusive benefit of being a Newsday blog reader.


Tyree on keeping his famous catch in Super Bowl XLII in perspective:

"As great as that catch was and as great as that moment was in my career, for a guy like me I knew whether I was healthy and I continued to play on in my career the truth of the matter was I never was going to have a moment in my career that was going to eclipse that . . . It was something I could hang my hat on."

Tyree on the book he is working on with his wife:

"It’s definitely going to be a faith-based book. My world view always lends to that . . . It's going to challenge the core of our culture, how we do things."

Tyree on comparisons between the 2007 and '11 Giants:

"I think it’s all there, just as much as we all know these are two totally different teams. But at the same time the road to get there was pretty much the same . . . As far as chemistry and the way things all came together, it was a carbon copy."

Tyree on what his catch has brought him financially:

"Oh, man, I wouldn't have any of it if it wasn’t for the catch. I would not be a marketable NFL athlete, even with a Pro Bowl under my belt . . . I'm eternally grateful."

Tyree, a former special teams star, on special teams making the difference in the NFC Championship Game:

"I saw Devin Thomas [who recovered two special teams fumbles] in a diner the Friday before the game, just randomly."

Tyree said he can relate to Thomas as someone who also was relegated to more of a special teams role than a receiving role.

"You have to learn that, man, I still have a role in this thing," he said.

Tyree on Hakeem Nicks' Hail Mary reception against the Packers, on which the ball glanced off his face mask:

"That's one of those highlights that make you go, 'Hmm.'"

Tyree on lighting the Empire State Building last week, only to see the 49ers' red and gold colors show up:

"That was not my business; you have to talk to the Empire State. I did get some grief [from friends], man."

Tyree, who grew up a 49ers fan in New Jersey, later learned the color scheme was in honor of the lunar new year. "But they did not tell me it was going to be red and gold, so they set me up," he said.

Tyree on the fallout from him speaking out publicly against the law permitting same-sex marriage in New York and whether that hurt his marketability:

"I knew what I was going into from the start. I don’t really value marketability. I value the honor of my God through Jesus Christ . . . The shame that came from it was the hypocrisy. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the moment you say something that goes against what is relevant to our culture now all of a sudden you’re a bigot . . . Marriage between a man and woman really is the backbone of every human society."

Harrison on rooting for the Patriots in the playoffs:

"I just think it comes down to once you’re a Patriot you’re always a Patriot and you have ties to that."

Harrison on whether Tyree's catch cost the Patriots SBXLII:

"They still had to get in the end zone. Eli still had to complete a pass to Plaxico. We were in position to win that game but we basically blew it."

Harrison on being objective about the Patriots on NBC, which will televise the Super Bowl:

"I'll do it like I've done all year. When the Patriots secondary is garbage, I said this is the worst secondary I've seen in 10 years . . . When the Patriots suck I say they suck. I'm a straight shooter . . . I've seen improvement over the last two games, more guys making plays. But I still see against the Ravens some broken coverage, miscommunication."

Harrison on the matchup against the Giants for the Pats' secondary:

"This  will be the biggest challenge of the year. Those receivers are very good, run great routes. Eli has been fantastic, like I’ve been saying all year. He believes in himself, he completely believes in himself no matter what the situation is. He feels like, 'I belong.' No longer does he feel like he has to play second fiddle to Tom Brady."

Harrison on the 2007 Patriots:

"We accomplished something special that no other team in the history of football has done, despite all the distractions, overcoming so much . . . We have a lot to be proud of. It's tough to go 16-0. We did that."

Harrison on his comfort level after three seasons at NBC:

"You try to find out the tone of the people you work for. It takes time to get a feel for what they expect, of you really feeling comfortable as far as being yourself . . . One of the key things is the people I work with."


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