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Unsung hero Justin Tryon gets sung

After every game, we have a corner of the paper where we name an unsung hero. Today that player was Justin Tryon, who made a critical tackle against Reggie Bush on a fourth-quarter punt that pinned the Dolphins at their own 16.

He was unsung when we wrote it. Until Tom Coughlin decided to sing him today.

“He literally played two and a half quarters with a broken arm,” Coughlin said. “Justin arrived on the spot and wrapped him up and held on for dear life until he got some help and it ended up being a minus-4 return right there. Instead of it being decent field position with an exceptional athlete returning, it ended up being a net 59 yard punt and a guy with a broke arm that eventually became quite a serious broken arm made the play that sometimes goes unnoticed.”

Tryon had surgery today to fix his arm. The Giants haven’t put him on IR yet, but it sounds like that will take place. Coughlin said he was inspired by Tryon’s questions after he was told about the injury and saw the x-ray, asking when he can play again and if it was possible to just put a cast on it to allow him back on the field.

After the game on Sunday, Tryon was holding his right arm nearly immobilized. “My arm is killing me,” he said, adding that he injured the arm in the first half and “then on that last tackle I felt another pain in it.”

I asked him about the tackle on Bush and he gave all the credit to punter Steve Weatherford. “I’m just glad our punter put so much air on the ball and gave me a chance to get down there,” he said. “He put our team in the best situation with that great punt. It was a great punt. Anybody could have made that play.”

Probably not, As Coughlin pointed out: “The gunners in that situation have not always come through for us, and this kid did.”

Adding to the bad news was that Tryon had stepped into a role in the secondary this week, helping out in sub packages and allowing the Giants to move safety Antrel Rolle back and move Deon Grant back towards the line of scrimmage where he played for rookie Jacquian Williams. The Giants were hoping Prince Amukamara would do that, but they had to settle for Tryon in this game and he played well.

“So here we go again,” Coughlin said of another injury to the secondary. “We had a guy who finally had some experience playing on the defensive side of the ball for x amount of snaps, who always has been counted on for special teams. So here we go.”

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