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Vets worry about rookies catching up

Actor Anthony Anderson, NFL player Justin Tuck and

Actor Anthony Anderson, NFL player Justin Tuck and Cedric the Entertainer attend Tuck's Third Annual Celebrity Billiards Tournament at Slate. (June 2, 2011) Photo Credit: Getty

A few other nuggets from the Justin Tuck celebrity billiards tournament that supported his RUSH for Literacy program last night:


Tuck said that the event pushed the money raised by the program to “well over” $1 million. He also spoke about his recent visit to his home state of Alabama to help the people whose lives were upended by the tornadoes.

“It looked like a 50-foot giant had just stepped on houses,” he said while describing images of bodies that were found 100 miles away from where they were when the storms hit. “You can donate a lot of money, but they if they don’t have hope, then it doesn’t matter. I could see that in the people down there. It was uplifting for me. It was almost like a teary-eyed adventure, walking around. The pictures don’t do it justice. You get the opportunity to smell the smell, see the sights, here the stories, it hits you …It’s something that I’m very interested in continuing to support.”


Terrell Thomas said he’s been in touch with drafted Giants secondary members Prince Amukamara and Tyler Sash and has even passed along some of his notes from the 2010 season so they can start to get a feel for what will be expected of them once they get onto the field.

“I know that rookie minicamp for me and Kenny (Phillips), just that base defense we were up two hours at night going over it because we were so confused,” Thomas said. “Those are the main people who are losing, but we’re a veteran team by nature and we have a lot of veteran people in our secondary to help them come along a lot faster.”


Other rookies will have a little more difficulty, as Tuck pointed out.

“We drafted a defensive lineman like Marvin Austin but he’s been out of football for a year and now he’s not getting an opportunity to go through OTAs and being in the meeting room,” Tuck said. “That’s going to hurt him and all of the rookies for that matter. We run a very complex system, offensively and defensively. Coming in I had the full advantage of an offseason here with a minicamp and everything and I still struggled with it. So that’s going to be the biggest issue. What can they pick up in the short period of time that we’ll have to practice before the season starts?”


Michael Boley spent some time with Tom Coughlin at the coach’s Jay Fund golf tournament in Florida last week.

“He seems like he’s fine, but I think this is killing him right now,” Boley said of Coughlin. “I can only imagine how badly he wants everyone to be back in the building.”

As for the money players have lost out on that was tied to workout bonuses this offseason, Boley smiled and said he considers it lost money.

“It’s one of those things that it ain’t coming back,” he said. “Hopefully next year.”


You can read about the Giants’ thoughts on organizing their own workouts here. Spoiler alert: They don’t seem very keen on the idea and don’t appear to be in any rush to keep up with the Saints or Patriots. You can also read about Plaxico here. Yeah, there was some news about him last night.


Finally, I loved hearing the stories about Mark Sanchez’ Jets West camp for his offensive players, about how he had sponsors and classroom sessions and trips to Lakers and Dodgers games and even had an In-and-Out Burger truck come to the event out at his old high school in California.

I guess the field at Hoboken High School was already booked.


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