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Vick's dynasty talk doesn't bug Giants

6. MICHAEL VICK (Eagles) A risk for some

6. MICHAEL VICK (Eagles)
A risk for some because of durability issues, but he’s excellent when he’s on the field. The offense really clicked when whole the final three games last season. He was overvalued last season as a first-round pick and he’s undervalued in 2012.
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When the Giants received their Super Bowl rings this spring, Justin Tuck started the talk about the possibility of the Giants becoming a dynasty. Apparently that theme has caught on throughout the division. Last week Michael Vick of the Eagles – a team that has never won one Super Bowl nevermind threatened to run off a string of them – could be a dynasty in the making.

Tuck’s response to that? It almost sounded as if he was rooting for them.

“I understand what Michael is saying,” Tuck said. “ Obviously it’s gonna get blown out of proportion. I think he was just talking about the belief in his football team. I don’t see anything wrong with that. It wasn’t a slight to any team that’s won a championship or anything like that. He believes in his football team, why shouldn’t he say it?

“I think every team should think about it,” Tuck also said of the dynasty talk. “That’s what all of our goals are, to win every year.”

Last year the Giants and the rest of the league got a lot of mileage and drive from the Eagles’ backup quarterback calling the squad the Dream Team. This year, they weren’t biting at the bait even if Vick gave them plenty of chum. Earlier this week Osi Umenyiora blew off Vick’s comments in much the same way Tuck did today. And Mathias Kiwanuka said he wasn’t surprised to hear chirping from Philly, but had no problem with what the Eagles and Vick were saying.

“I mean, this is the time you’re supposed to say this stuff,” Kiwanuka said. “If your confidence isn’t high going into the season then you don’t have a chance at all. For us that’s not what we’re all about, we let our play do the talking. For everybody else, I hope they feel confident. An NFL player going into camp has got to be confident.”

Of course there can’t be TWO dynasties in the league, and certainly not two in the same division.

“Right now there’s not one in here yet,” Tuck said of the NFC East. “Hopefully we can become that first dynasty.”

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