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Victor Cruz demands the ball (in a non-verbal way)

Giants rookie wide receiver Victor Cruz catches a

Giants rookie wide receiver Victor Cruz catches a pass on the first day of training camp in Albany, N.Y. (Aug. 1, 2010) Credit: AP

As impressed as we all were with Victor Cruz’s three-touchdown performance Monday  night, the guy who fed him most of the passes said Cruz was getting pretty excited himself.

“He doesn’t say too much but he got pumped up and jacked up after he caught that first one and I think it just snowballed from there,” backup quarterback Jim Sorgi said. “He was hot tonight, he was getting open, he was making those guys look like they couldn’t cover him, and that’s exactly what happened.”

So did Cruz turn into a wide receiver diva demanding to have the ball thrown to him? Nah. At least not verbally.

“He would never do that,” Sorgi said, describing Cruz as a quiet kid. “He knows I’ve been in the NFL going into my seventh year and he’s a rookie. He’s not going to say “Hey, throw it my way!” But he knows that he makes plays like that and the ball is going to start coming his way more often than not.”

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