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Victor Cruz felt dissed by Carlos Rogers

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz reacts

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz reacts after making a reception during the first the first half on Jan. 15, 2012. Credit: AP

The last time the Giants faced the 49ers, Victor Cruz’ salsa dance was just starting to gain popularity and media attention. In fact that game was the first time anyone had mimicked it. It happened when San Francisco cornerback Carlos Rogers intercepted a pass late in the second quarter that was intended for Cruz.

Has Cruz forgotten that? Nope.

“It was a little bit of disrespect,” Cruz said. “It’s something I do and to do it on me and in front of our sideline was a little disrespectful. But I understand that. It’s all part of the game. Things happen. Guys are going to do that. He wasn’t the only one to have mocked that dance throughout the season.”

No, but most of the others who tried to salsa were opposing receivers. Rogers appears to be the only defensive back who mocked Cruz. He doesn’t really go head-to-head against those guys. But he will against Rogers. Is Cruz looking for some payback and revenge?

“A little bit,” he said with a smile and a nod.


Just a funny little note: I Tweeted Cruz' line about being a little disrepected when he said it, but I accidentally gave Rogers an extra D and wrote Rodgers. That set off a firestorm in Green Bay where Packers fans were quick to come to their quarterback's defense and alert me that Aaron is far too classy to have stooped to such levels of mimicry. So just to set the record straight, it was Rogers and not Rodgers who Cruz was disrespected by.

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