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Good Afternoon

Victor Cruz: Hakeem Nicks is Giants' No. 1 receiver

Victor Cruz is congratulated by teammate Hakeem Nicks

Victor Cruz is congratulated by teammate Hakeem Nicks of the Giants after Cruz scored the game-winning touchdown in the fourth quarter of a game against the Washington Redskins. (Oct. 21, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

We haven’t even started the day and already there is news. Or at least an interesting quote.

Victor Cruz was on “NFL AM” this morning and had some thoughts on who the Giants’ No. 1 receiver is. And it wasn’t him.

"I think the No. 1 wideout is Hakeem Nicks,” Cruz said. "I mean, he's been here longer, he understands this offense. He's our big-play guy, he's on the outside. So I definitely think he's our No. 1 receiver, there's no doubt about it."

Cruz then said that he doesn’t think slot receivers should be treated differently from any other receivers when it comes to their contracts.

"I do think we've been undervalued; I think it definitely signifies a change in the game," Cruz said of the slot position. " ... I think the numbers are the numbers and they have to be scaled according to the tops in the league no matter where you line up on the field."

Not that it would have mattered much in Cruz’ contract talks. He was a restricted free agent with little to no leverage. And the Giants are looking down the road – just down the road – towards signing the wide receiver that even Cruz himself concedes is the No. 1.

Jerry Reese said at the start of camp that it was “inappropriate” to discuss Nicks’ contract situation. “But to answer your question,” he said, “obviously we want him to be a Giant for a long time.”

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