The Giants signed safety Antrel Rolle. They might also have signed Wildcat quarterback antrel Rolle.

In his time with the Cardinals, Rolle took a number of snaps as quarterback of a Wildcat formation. Now, the Giants and Tom Coughlin are not known for that kind of a system. About the closest they've come in recent years has been a direct snap to Ahmad Bradshaw on a running play. But Rolle said he would "absolutely" love to be involved in some offensive gameplanning.

"I think that’s going to come from showing them exactly what I can do," he said. "Once I’m here with this organization, they will get a pretty good feel of what kind of athlete I am. I can throw the ball a million miles, I think everyone knows that at this point. Whether they are going to use me for that, I don’t know yet. I hope so because I think it brings another dimension to football. It creates a mismatch. It’s also something that can excite the fans and it can be a momentum changer.”

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When the Cardinals played the Giants last season, in fact, Rolle threw one. It was an incompletion for Larry Fitzgerald that didn't show up in the final stats because of a holding penalty against the Cardinals. But for the Giants who went over that game with intensity when scouting Rolle, it stood out.

"I remember very well the night we played Arizona here how well he played against us," Tom Coughlin said. "Of course, he’s a Pro Bowl player. He has outstanding range and athleticism. He ran a couple of wildcat plays throughout the year. He’s a very talented guy who was a high school quarterback and running back, so he’s a multi-talented guy. And you can see the intangibles that he brings to the table in terms of his communication skills and his energy. He’s one of those upbeat guys that you really do enjoy being around. And he’s very talented."