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Overcast 55° Good Afternoon

Welcome back!

For the last few weeks/months we've been hearing about a thing called "Giants football." Players said they had to "get back to Giants football" and admitted that they were not playing "Giants football." What the heck is Giants football?

Since we're still in Washington, we'll take a line from the Supreme Court and twist it for our purposes: It's hard to define "Giants football," but I know it when I see it.

And we saw it last night. Powerful running. Defensive pressure. Forcing turnovers. Dominating the physical battles. It was a performance that harkened back to the glory days of the franchise. Huff and Gifford? No, I'm talking about September and October when the Giants were steamrolling everyone.

Of course there were a few other superlatives from the 45-12 undressing of the Redskins:

The Giants clinched their fifth straight non-losing season (they can finish at either 10-6, 9-7 or 8-8). It’s the longest such streak since they went 10 straight years at .500 or better from 1954-63.

The margin of victory was the largest on the road since they beat the Redskins (at RFK Stadium in those days) 41-7 in 1993.

The 45 points scored were the most the team has posted since Sept 24, 1999 in a 45-29 win over the Saints. Four times since then they had scored 44 points, including back in October of this season against the Raiders.

It was the highest point total on the road since Oct. 10, 1954 when they had a 51-21 win over Washington.

It was also the most points the Giants have scored against the Redskins since a 48-21 win in 1968.

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