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Welcome to New York, Antrel Rolle

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick scrambles out of

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick scrambles out of the grip of New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle during the second half. (Nov. 21, 2010) Photo Credit: AP

Antrel Rolle’s never-fail-to-enlighten weekly radio spot on WFAN today ended with an interesting discussion about fans and booing. When the Giants left the field at halftime against the Jaguars on Sunday, they were booed. Rolle said he didn’t care for that.

“I don’t like it one bit,” Rolle said. “We’re not going to always have those dominant, blowout games. We’re not going to win each and every game although we would love to. But through it all, our fans are huge. They play a critical part in our game whether they know it or not. No they’re not on the field, no they’re not making the plays, no they’re not playing. But at the same time we need them to have confidence as we have confidence in ourselves. The booing, honestly, it pissed me off. That’s something that I haven’t heard since I’ve been here.

“You don’t boo your team,” Rolle continued. “I don’t care what happens, you don’t boo your team. That’s my take on it. You don’t boo your team. This is your home team. We’re out there playing, we’re out there pouring our heart out for our fans, you don’t boo your team. I don’t care what the situation is, you don’t boo your team. We’re 7-4. We’re not 2-10, we’re 7-4. There are going to be ups and downs during the season. (Not) under any circumstances should you boo your team. That’s just the reality of it.”

Joe Benigno tried to explain to Rolle that the Giants fans were booing “out of love” and that they were just frustrated because they know the Giants could play better than they did in the first half.

“I’ve never heard booing out of love, I’m sorry,” Rolle said. “I don’t know what booing out of love is. If someone slaps me, I’ve never heard that they slapped me out of love. No, if you slap me you wanted to slap me.”

Rolle ultimately said it doesn’t matter if fans boo or not.

“If they want to boo then they’re going to boo,” he said. “When two-six comes on the field you can boo me, you can hip-hip-hooray me, it doesn’t matter. You’re going to get the same guy each and every week. If you want to boo then boo. If you want to clap then clap.”

The discussion almost wiped away perhaps the most interesting part of the conversation, where Rolle said that the Giants are going to go to the Super Bowl.

“I want our fans to hang in there with us,” he said earlier in the discussion. “We know we don’t give the best of the best show all the time, but we are Giants at the end of the day. We are all as one. Players, coaches, fans, organization. We are one. Because when we go to the big show – and we’re going to go this year – and we win that thing, we’re going to bring it home and we’re all going to celebrate as one.”

There will not be any booing if that happens.


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