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Well, it is almost Boxing Day

Brandon Jacobs runs away from the Redskins' Chris

Brandon Jacobs runs away from the Redskins' Chris Wilson for a long gain during their Monday night game, which the Giants won, 45-12. (Dec. 21, 2009) Photo Credit: MCT/Harry E. Walker

In case you missed this (because I don't think it got into the newspapers), there's at least one person who believes that Brandon Jacobs did not throw a punch in the dust-up with DeAngelo Hall and Albert Haynesworth in the fourth quarter of Monday night's game.

That person is Brandon Jacobs.

Even though the Giants running back assumed a boxing stance -- he's an avid fight fan and wants to get into boxing promotion when his football days are over -- and appeared to take at least two swings at the Redskins players, he insisted that no punches were thrown.

What's more, he said that he was not flagged for throwing punches because, well, he whiffed. And he was only defending himself. Haynesworth wound up taking a penalty for grabbing Jacobs' facemask.

It was the second time this season that Jacobs has taken that boxing stance in a game against an opponent. The NFL will likely fine him, even if he did miss on the punches he threw.

Jacobs said he wasn't going to back down from Haynesworth, and he made a colorful yet crass comment about the big guy that you can read elsewhere (Google Jacobs, Haynesworth, toilet). But he also said there are no hard feelings between he and Haynesworth, and that the two made their peace while the game was still being played.

“He came over to the rescue of one of his teammates,” Jacobs said. “We’re cool. There’s no bad blood there at all … . There’s a lot of emotion that runs through a lot of players and that’s what happens.”

(Photo: MCT / Harry E. Walker)

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