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Who controls the quality around here? Oh, it's Kevin Gilbride Jr.

Head shot of Kevin Gilbride Jr., assistant Giants

Head shot of Kevin Gilbride Jr., assistant Giants coach and son of Kevin Gilbride Sr., also a Giants assistant coach.

The other story we presented this weekend was a feature on Kevin Gilbride Jr., the Giants’ offensive quality control coach. You can read it here.

One question that is not quite answered in the article, though, is this one: What the heck is a quality control coach?

Luckily I asked Gilbride Jr. that.

“My job is to stay ahead,” he said when we spoke on Wednesday of last week. “The Seattle film that we’re going to play in two weeks, that’s broken down. I’m going to start and try to get a Philadelphia Eagles game broken down and then as soon as the Cowboys play another game I’ll get that broken down.

“Once the film is broken down then I can run the cutups and print the report of what they do by down and distance, different situations whether it be green zone or short yardage or things like that.

“As far as practice goes I run the scout teams. I run the special teams scout teams, I also run the defensive scout teams. And then I assist the defensive quality control coach with the offensive scout team. And then you get all the materials ready to go, the call sheets and stuff, which the coaches get to you during the course of the week.

“During the game I chart by down and distance the coverages. Then I sit down with my father after the series and he goes through them and I say ‘First and 10 we had this coverage and this coverage, it was a run and a pass.’ And we continue that way. He has the same thing that I have and he marks it off on his sheet so he can get a feel for it.”

It’s a high-energy job that entails a lot of bouncing around and, as Gilbride noted, staying ahead. And that energy is one of the things that Gilbride Dr. said he was most pleased with seeing from his son.

“I guess I knew, but there’s an energy level he has as a coach,” Gilbride Sr. said. “He is nice to have around. He bounces from drill to drill, he runs in and gives the defense (the play), gets them straight and then runs back out, he can do all of those things. He can throw passes in 7-on-7, he can give the look squad, he can do all of those things. I guess his energy level, which I knew he had as a player, I didn’t necessarily know if it would transition as a coach. But it hasn’t been (slowed) at all. That’s been something that I don’t think I gave any thought to. From that standpoint it’s been good.”



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