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Will Beatty changed technique to live up to contract, now trying to change back

Giants tackle Will Beatty drinks water during team

Giants tackle Will Beatty drinks water during team training camp at Quest Diagnostics Training Center. (Aug. 14, 2013) Credit: James Escher

Some players can’t handle the pressure of playing in a contract year, knowing that they are performing for more than a lifetime’s worth of money. For Will Beatty, this season has been just the opposite. The left tackle said he has struggled in 2013 because he is trying to live up to the contract that he signed with the Giants this past offseason.

“I know I came into this year trying to do way too much and trying to change who I was to fulfill the media hype,” Beatty said. “Last year was a good year for me. I still came off of the injury but I was focused on just the task at hand, making sure I was playing, making sure my body was healthy, just going out there and whatever happens happens but I’m giving it my all. Now … it’s like you got the contract, now eyes are on you, people are expecting more from you and you’re trying to live up to it. My first big contract, I’m like, I want to earn this contract, I want to make sure they know that I’m not just a fluke and I’m going out there just not being me, not being the guy that got me to this contract.”

Beatty said he altered his techniques in the offseason and has spent most of the year trying to go back to his old style. It’s leading him to “over-think” and “over-analyze” while on the field.

“I’ve been blessed with this contract, but what got me this blessing was me doing what I was doing in the season,” Beatty said, “so build on that rather than trying to change it or come up with something new where this is the new and improved (me) … My technique last year wasn’t the best some say, but it got the job done. We’re all about getting the job done. I have to improve on it, but don’t change it where now we’re back at the drawing board and trying to perfect something that was already perfected.”

Beatty has allowed 10 sacks this season, nearly a third of the career-high 31 that Eli Manning has taken. It’s also more than Beatty allowed in his first four seasons combined. According to Pro Football Focus, Beatty has given up more sacks than any other left tackle in the NFL this season. He got beat pretty badly against the Redskins on Sunday night, even though the Giants won the game.

Now he’s trying to put that experience behind him. For a while, anyway.

“I know this week (against the Chargers) is going to be a hard enough game to win thinking about the game and I’m just going to make it harder if I think things about last week,” Beatty said. “So I’m going to save last week for the end of the regular season and move forward.”

The end of the regular season is a rematch with the Redskins.

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