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Will passing Giants have an outdoor advantage vs. dome team?

People continue to dig out along 72nd Street

People continue to dig out along 72nd Street in Manhattan. (Dec. 27, 2010) Credit: AP

A lot will be made of the Falcons, a dome team, coming out into the nasty northeast weather on Sunday – where it’s expected to be in the high 30s with a mix of rain and show for gametime – and being frozen out by the elements. In that past, that might have been a sizable advantage for the Giants. But now that they are a passing team, can they still use the Meadowlands weather in their favor? Can they still be a bad-weather team?

“I think we’re gonna have to be,” Tom Coughlin said. “I think we will be.”

Still, he and the staff are checking for weather updates “probably every 20 minutes” but they’ll wait until about an hour before gametime before deciding if the elements will force any changes to the gameplan.

Coughlin also said he has no doubt that Eli Manning will be able to function in the cold, wind, rain, whatever else happens on Sunday.

“Eli has, in the past, thrown the ball very, very well despite any kind of weather,” Coughlin said. “And that's always been an amazing thing to me … So whatever the weather is, if the heart's in the right place, that's what'll happen. We'll take care of whatever weather presents itself.”

The Falcons are also preparing for a game in the great outdoors.

“You know what? Having grown up in Philadelphia and playing college in Boston, I’ve played in plenty of terrible weather so I’m not too worried about it,” Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said on a conference call.

The Giants may not have much of a homefield advantage in terms of meteorology, but they’re hoping to have one again from the fans. Coughlin praised the atmosphere at Sunday’s game against the Cowboys and hopes the craziness carries over to this first playoff game at MetLife Stadium.

“Our fans did an outstanding job here last week,” he said. “The 12th man really came through in a big fashion for us and I’m encouraging them to do so again this weekend because it was very, very impressive. Our players deeply appreciated the effort that the fans put forth.”

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